Those who have heard the mystical tales...

The Tales

A guide to the official Tales of the Bards:

Book 1 - "A Hero for All Bards"

1. The Introduction
2. The Newly-Knighted Nomad
3. The Dragon of Mille
4. The Compass Frog
5. The Siege of Fort Ni Aps
6. Abram's Harmonica
7. The Rhyming Squid
8. The Heart of Sarai
9. A Sea of Plains
10. An Interlude

Book 2 - "The Epic of Kawan"

1. The Battle of Kawan
2. King Carl's Last Stand
3. The Lady of the River
4. What the Bards Found at Koma
5. The Wrath of Kawan
6. But Wait, There's More...

A Bard Christmas

Part 1
Part 2

Book 3

1. The Late Sovereign
2. The Royal Visitor
3. The Cave
4. The Sorcerer
5. The Giant
6. Whispers in the Dark

7. The Witch
8. The Woman
9. The Captive
10. The Empty Camp

These are my own works. The characters and stories therein are my own creation, and while they are based real people that I know, they in no way completely represent these real people. Any use of this material, intellectual, physical, or otherwise, without my expressed permission, will be subject to lawsuits for damages. Enjoy.

--Thomas Gleaton