Those who have heard the mystical tales...


The Tales of Gizmo the Bard is about the epic adventures of Gizmo and his companions the Bards. They are fearless heroes who take any challenge that presents itself, upon themselves.

The idea for Gizmo the Bard comes from personal experiences. The Bards characters are modeled after my close friends; in fact, almost every character is modeled after someone in my life. The names have been altered to protect the innocent.


  1. A poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition.

The Bards, as a group, are musicians and warriors-for-hire. After certain circumstances, their own stories are the ones recounted by others--A hero for bards everywhere, so to speak. In order to properly recount the original tales for later generations, Gizmo himself has taken down the stories.

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