Those who have heard the mystical tales...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Third Tale of Freddy the Llama: The Compass Frog

Long ago, before Bamah was settled by any sort of creature, three Grand Sorcerers ruled the land to the north (known as Drumm), sharing power equally, for a time. Then, one leader, the youngest, gathered most of his armies and power into one talisman, meaning to overthrow the other two. Chadde, as he was named, ruled a swamp where he made his dwelling. As it was a swamp, it was inhabited by many frogs. He kept one as a pet; it had the odd ability to always point due north, no matter how Chadde held it. "Bran" was its name, and Chadde frequently petted it, as he chanted, "good Bran, good Bran." The unassuming frog (it's a frog, it doesn't assume much anyway) was brainwashed into believing that all it did was good. Its life source became intertwined with Chadde's, so that one could not be awakened without the other.
Not all was good, however. The other two came together to discuss the matter. Realizing that their younger brother was stupid and that he should neither store all his power in one item nor attempt to take out both siblings, they decided to take out Chadde together and commit their lives to protecting the three power talismans--they chose to store their own powerful armies in similar fashions. Sarai, the middle and wisest sorcerer carried a heart-shaped necklace with her; Abram, the oldest and most powerful chose his favorite harmonica (I said strongest, not wisest) as his token. The three met in the field now home to the King Carl's castle, and the older two smote Chadde with thunder and light never known before. The two, commenting on how easy the victory was, sent the talismans to the end of the swamp, to be found only by those worthy of them. They would be called Majors of the Drumman Armies, and would take on the roles of the three Grand Drumman Sorcerers.
Freddy was a normal llama, that is, as normal as llamas get. He lived in Bamah with the Bards, and this is his tale. However, the tale starts in the days before Gizmo. As Freddy, Paddy, Badger, Dumon and Schaff were exploring the mystical remains of the swamp, Freddy tripped on a stone; the group traveled ahead, clueless of the events that were unfolding. Flipping it over, he noticed an odd glow coming from under the stone. "That's odd," he remarked, and pulled a gold box out from under it. The Box was unlocked despite a keyhole, and when he opened it, Freddy found a silver harmonica an another box with holes. The entire Box gave off a feel as if something was missing, but Freddy shrugged it off. He pocketed the harmonica and retrieved the inside box. It began croaking, "good Bran, good Bran," and Freddy found a frog inside. Picking it up, he noticed it began turning. South. No matter where he held it, the frog faced South. Then, Dumon and Paddy returned to Freddy, shouting about "finding him" and "what happened?" and "cannibalism" and "Come on, not again." Freddy showed them the frog. The entire group was awed by the frog and its unique skill. Freddy kept the frog.
The group returned to Bamah, but before they could, large beasts began to grow out of the ground. Afraid for obvious reasons, the group took off toward the town. Again, Freddie tripped. "Why am I so clumsy today?" he said, as he ran for the frog. When he picked up the frog, the frightening beasts surrounded him. Just as mortal terror set in, the beasts dropped to one knee, or root, or whatever any beast could bow on. (Most beasts are truly magnificent creatures, but weird. Take the platypus, for example. They don't do much. I digress...)
Realizing the significance of this possibility, Freddy asked of the army their leader. A resounding "HE WHO HOLDS THE FROG. So, basically you." shocked Freddy. The beasts established their ownership and the story of their slumber. Freddy asked if they were "you know, there if I need you." One beast approached Freddy and pointed to the frog, telling him to rub it and chant "good Bran."
Freddy returned the beasts to the earth, and himself to the Flat. Entering, he found the Bards ready for battle to save his life. Nothing happened, according to Freddy's account. Dumon, being always hospitable, asked him if he had need of anything. Freddy asked for a room, even though Schaff pointed out that he had a perfectly good home and belongings just outside Bamah. Freddy traded the harmonica for a closet, any closet. Dumon, a harmonica connoisseur, happily agreed. Thus, Dumon held Abram's harmonica, unbeknowst to herself, and Freddy held the frog.
Freddy sold his house and converted the closet to nice cottage, only in a closet, and there lived for the rest of his days. However, Chadde, brought back by the use of the frog, was angered. Searching for the frog he so desired, Chadde moved to his swamp. Finding the empty Box, Chadde plotted his revenge on the characters who established Bamah.