Those who have heard the mystical tales...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

IV: The Sorcerer

Scott, Gizmo, and Badger met Schaff, Dumon, Holden, and Paddy at Badger's. They began to discuss the giant.
"I think it's pretty safe to say we need to stop this thing," said Scott.
"Yeah," murmured basically everyone in the room.
"But how do we even like, begin to find him?" remarked Dumon.
"What I don't get is why he went after the one lady. I mean, why do we care?" asked Holden.
"He came after us as soon as we began protecting her. She's hiding something, and we can't just let a powerful threat run free," replied Gizmo.
"Why do you say that? How do you know she's hiding something?" asked Schaff.
"As soon as we met her, Gizmo and I saw her expression change. She's not the helpless old lady she appears to be," replied Scott.
"So, basically, to answer your question, Dumon, I have no idea. She has no family, and I don't know many giants. The only place to start is that forest."

The next day, the Bards made for Robert's Dale. They found the spot where the giant escaped, and they entered the woods there.
"Wait. Didn't Scheaun come with us?" asked Holden. "Where is he?"
"He's working another angle of this. He'll catch up," said Gizmo.
Just then, the trees behind them rustled. A large animal rushed at them. Everyone drew their weapons. Out ran a short, robed man. Frightened, he stopped.
"Help me!" he cried.
"Get on!" said Holden. He, Paddy, and Gizmo rode away. The others remained, as the giant leapt from the bushes. Dumon and Badger assaulted him with arrows, but it only angered him. He grabbed them as Schaff sliced his side. The giant ran off with the two Bards.
"You go get those three! I'll follow the giant!" yelled Schaff. With that, they parted.

Gizmo, Holden and Paddy stopped in the middle of the woods.
"Get down," said Holden. Before the man could say anything, Gizmo jumped on him.
"Where is she?" he growled. "I mean, the old woman? How do you know the giant?"
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The man blubbered. Off to the side, Holden whispered to Paddy, "Does he look familiar to you?"
"Yeah, he does," Paddy replied. "Wait!"
"It's the guy who kidnapped the princess!" they both said. It was. The old sorcerer gathered his breath.
"There's this witch. She, she is working with the giant. They're after somebody called... uh... 'Bard.'"
"We're the Bards," replied Gizmo.
"Is that so?" said the sorcerer. "In that case..." Lightning flowed from his fingertips, sending Gizmo flying.
"She wants you dead," he said, raising Holden and Paddy off of their horses. He began to choke them.
"Should I kill you, she'll be pleased."
"So you're in on this too?" Gizmo, but the sorcerer could not tell from where. He looked to the trees around him.
"You're one smart cookie, aren't you?"
"I know that tattoo, on the back of your head. You're a worshipper of Chadde."
"Put them down."
"Why should I?"
"We killed your Chadde."
"Chadde cannot be killed, you fool!"
"I saw it happen," Gizmo whispered, from over the sorcerer's shoulder. THe sorcerer looked, and Gizmo's blade was at his neck.
"Now. Put them down." He did.
"Start talking," Gizmo said. "Who is the woman?"
Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the sorcerer. He began laughing, but he was already dead. Gizmo let go, and the sorcerer fell over. As he hit the ground, the laughing stopped.
"He kidnapped the princess," said Paddy.
"Yeah, thanks by the way," said Holden.
"Him?" replied Gizmo.
"Yeah. I don't know what for, though," replied Holden.
"Did he do anything unordinary?" asked Gizmo.
"Not really. He tried to steal this stone, but that was all he took from her," replied Paddy.
"It was the only she had on her that was valuable," said Holden.
"I know. I just found it odd." Just then, Scott rode up.
"The giant took Badger and Dumon," he said. "What happened to him?"
"Hmm. Interesting. Let's go," said Gizmo. "I'll tell you on the way."