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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The First Tale of Gizmo: The Newly-Knighted Nomad

In the far land of Mille, Gizmo was a young nomad, whose family to this day loves him dearly. His father was a wise but silent war hero, who fought battles at home, defending their clan's possessions. His mother was a moneykeeper, and the clan looked to them for guidance. Gizmo, however, held dreams and aspirations above that of the clan, and they more than supported him for it. Nonetheless, Gizmo's bright future had him feeling chained to the clan. With his wits, best bow, and fresh shave, Gizmo left the clan.
He traveled among the mountains and the deserts, under the watch of the sun and his army, the stars. Day and night the nomad followed his kind's footsteps into the wild. Finally, several seasons after his departure, the young man came upon a strange creature. It was actually a boy in shabby clothes with wild hair and eyes. He mumbled about "Lucky Charms" and froze. Looking slowly up at Gizmo, the boy frowned. He greeted Gizmo solemnly, but burst out in a laugh more contagious than the plague. Introducing himself as Paddy, he shook hands with Gizmo, who repeated the gesture. Thus, Paddy became Gizmo's first friend. They ventured together into the nearby kingdom of Bamah.
Meanwhile, Gizmo's clan wandered into Bamah, not searching for Gizmo, but continuing in their nomad ways. Gizmo's father was brought before the Great King Carl, who had heard much of Gizmo's family. The King immediately knighted Gizmo's father, and in exchange for defending Bamah, their father was given a quaint village in his name, for the nomads, and a beautiful cottage to dwell in.
Gizmo and Paddy ventured into the King's village, and were taken in by Paddy's girlfriend Dumon, who became his second friend. Also housed at Dumon's Flat were a talking Blonde Fox with hair that grew over his eyes, who in fact went by Fox, and Holden, a drummer. They claimed they were creating a traveling band named the Bards, as they were, in fact, Bards. Dumon and Paddy, sufficient in their monetary funds, agreed to join the group. Gizmo, after much peer pressure, joined also. He had nothing to lose.
Just then, Dumon's best friend burst through the door with the news of the newly-knighted nomad. The Badger, as she was called, was a dark-haired, mysterious vigilante. She led her own life and was herself a free spirit. She also dabbled in alliteration. Paddy introduced Badger to Gizmo, Gizmo to Badger, Fox to Holden, Dumon to Freddy, Holden to Badger, Badger to Gizmo, and Paddy to everyone. Freddy was a llama who sat in the corner. He lived in Holden's closet, but that is another story. He will probably appear much more often.
Gizmo's father, the Knight, began a search for Gizmo after defeating a dragon, tearing down some windmills, and riding in his own parade for both. The townsfolk searched high and low in the village, despite the Knight's fervent "check ALL the countryside!" but to no avail. Mrs. Knight wept. One day, the King asked why the Knight sought so for his son. The Knight told of Gizmo's flight, and the King then told of his own son's disappearance. The King, angry with the fact that Gizmo fled, named him a criminal threat, (much like he did his own son) and proposed a payment for his capture.
Meanwhile, the Bards traveled to the King's Village's forum, where Badger met her most knowledgeable consultant, one she called Schaff. (sh-off, one syllable.) When they didn't find him, the Bards traveled to Badger's home. There, they found Schaff in hiding, sharing tea with Badger's mother, Mama Sinkus. She was once Helen of Troy's handmaiden, but she ran away when Helen actually was abducted by Paris. Schaff told of the price on the Knight's son's head. Gizmo asked the Knight's name, and was given his father's. Gizmo's shock was so great that Schaff was forced to reveal his identity: the King's lost son. The two immediately became friends and allies.
Paddy then connected the price to paper, which grows on trees, which burns in southern California wildfires, which are hot, like fire, which is made by Charizard. Also, he made sure that I put this in my own story. I will never know why.
The Bards agreed to never reveal either identity to the King or the Knight. The returned to Dumon's Flat. At the same time, the King ordered that no one would leave the kingdom, save for a fearless warrior who was not the Knight. Stuck in Bamah, the Bards continued to make music, Gizmo and Schaff hidden from the world they both knew.