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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

VIII: The Woman

Early in the world of Bamah, the world was filled with magical creatures. There were those who worshipped Chadde, there were the Elves, there were the river people, there were animals who could talk, and there were witches. Eventually, the numbers of all three parties dwindled. The witches and Chadde-worshippers warred for a time, but most of the blame can be traced to the birth of man. As the species of man grew, he conquered everything and spread across the planet. All species are wont to do so, but none have suite matched man's might.
When the actual kingdom of Bamah arose, the witches resisted. The King offered to integrate them into society, but they refused. They fled deep into the woods and never again returned. Establishing their own culture, the Most High Witch, a founder of the original tribe, named herself the High Witch, total ruler of all witches. She decreed that she would pass it down to the witch of her choice: (not much else is known about witches, such as how they reproduce, but it is the ancient witch term "D'aughtre Roiale," or, successor or heir that became the English term "daughter.")
The High Witch chose the youngest witch, a mere baby to be her "D'aughtre Roiale," and raised her as her own.
The years passed, and the D'aughtre grew into a powerful witch, worthy of the throne. The High Witch's last words before passing on the crown was "grow a worthy one," referring to the raising of her successor. (Of course, it could also refer to their reproduction, which is definitively associated with the talismans, as witches "grow" with their talismans.)
The New High Witch immediately obeyed and chose a child successor. Her name was Le'heigh.

The young D'aughtre grew as her mother did, but she seemed more passionate about witch history. She adored the witches who would tell the stories of how the ancient witches were fantastic warriors, and for obvious reasons, hated man. However, the High Witch cared less about man; they had yet to interfere with the witches' society.
"Mother! We have the power! We should retake our lands!" Le'heigh said one day.
"What?" The High Witch replied.
"I'm tired of your pacifism! We need to reclaim Bamah for magical creatures!"
"Umm... because man is greedy and evil! They stole it from us; it's rightfully ours!"
"You do know that they offered to let us join them. They didn't exactly run us off; our pride forced us to leave."
"So? Uggh! You don't get it!" (It was obvious she was the equivalent of a teenager.) She stormed off.

Le'heigh ran away, to a new home in another set of woods. The High Witch was enraged for a time, but settled. As the time went on, Le'heigh never returned. Her mother began to fear for her demise. The High Witch gathered a group and left to search for her D'aughtre.
They covered miles quickly, traveling from the eastern edge of Bamah to the southern tip in one day. Stopping in Robert's Dale, the small band of witches stopped at an inn for the night. There, they met a giant. He had come from a different way, and had stopped at a cave on his way, and he saw the girl they described.
"Will you take us there?" asked the desperate witch.
"Of course." The giant, however, was seedy. He knew a tribe of Chadde-worshippers who violently hated witches and would pay him handily. That night, he notified them of where they would be.
The next morning went well. The giant led the witches to Le'heigh cave. There, they were by the angry warriors.
"You infidels! Your actions shall be punished!" yelled their leader.
"What? Witches and those of Chadde made peace!" replied the High Witch.
"Not with us!" they charged, and the battle was intense.
"Stop him!" He sold us out!" said the High Witch, pointing to the fleeing giant. She leaped from her horse and handily defeated many warriors. One Chadde-worshipper, a sorcerer, knocked her down, but she sent him flying. The other witches stood their ground well, and there were no worshippers of Chadde left. A few witches captured the giant, and brought him back to the High Witch.
"You! Traitor! You gave us away!" she yelled, angrily striking the treacherous prisoner.
"I serve no one but myself. I have no master," he calmly replied.
"Then I shall give you one," and with that, the High Witch cast a spell upon him, that she had complete control of his consciousness. The giant became her slave.

The witches had been gone some time, but at that same spot, on of the surviving warriors, the sorcerer, came to. Looking around, all he saw was vegetation and dead bodies. However, a green stone caught his eye. It was like no jewel he had ever seen. Placing it in his pocket, the sorcerer slipped away.
This occurred a few hours after the battle, but at almost the same time, the witches came upon a grotto. Opposite them was a large pile of rocks.
"This is it. This is her dwelling," said the High Witch.
"How do you know?" rightfully asked a witch.
"These markings," she answered, walking over to examine the left side of the rocks. "These runes are from the ancient witch language. It is an ancient spell, for defense." She scratched it out, and a shriek filled the air. The grotto felt like a nicer place. Just then, Le'heigh leapt from a high tree and took out the    High Witch. 
"Mom!" she cried, climbing off of her. "I'm so sorry."
"No matter. You're returning with us."
"No, I won't."
"What about the throne?"
"You're not dead yet," she snapped.
"How dare you!"
"You chose ME! I didn't want that life anymore. Come get me when you... need me."
"As you wish. I will always stand by for you." Hurt, the High Witch returned to her horse. She reached for her talisman for comfort, but it was gone. She turned to Le'heigh.
"Where is my talisman?" she roared.
"That's what I was wondering. It was always about your neck," came the reply. "Did you drop it?"
"It's gone. Wait! It was that evil magician from the woods! I spared him, but he stole my precious talisman!" She leapt onto her steed and flow off. The other witches followed her, but Le'heigh returned to her cave home.
"That'll never happen to me. I keep mine locked up," she said.

That same sorcerer made his way to a nearby kingdom. The king's hunting party found him attempting to enter.
"You there! How dare you trespass into my domain!" the monarch roared.
"My liege, I request solace. There are those who wish me dead. In return, I offer you this precious gem," replied the tactful sorcerer.
"Very well then, indeed. Tis a marvelous stone to behold. As your new ruler, I demand you enter for protection's sake. Squire, see that he finds a job to stand upon." The two left.
"My, this is a wondrous stone. My daughter will love it."