Those who have heard the mystical tales...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

But Wait, There's More...

When Kawan had seemingly won, and Gizmo and the Lady ran off to bring back Badger, the story took an odd turn of events. Scott, Badger's beau, and Dumon, left Bamah to tell Mama Sinkus, Karli, and Kati the bad news. Badger was, at this point, dead.

Scott figured that telling the sisters first would be less of a challenge than breaking a mother's heart, so upon arriving at Fort Ni Aps, The two sought out Kati and Karli. They did find Karli, but evidently Kati was with Mama Sinkus.
"Oh. Ok then, we'll all go there," said Scott.
"We have bad news for... all three of you," said Dumon. She held back a cry that Scott could not.
"What... happened?" asked Karli, but by the time she said that, it was clear.

The three wept for what seemed an eternity, but they grew stronger for it. The next day, they set off for Mama Sinkus' home. Before they left Fort Ni Aps, a hooded stranger stopped them.
"It is not smart for you to return to Bamah," he said.
"It is not smart for you to stand in our way," retorted Scott. "You DO know who we are...?"
"Yes, and I still advise against your return."
"Then let come what dangers that may." With that, the three rode past him.

Before the three got to Mama Sinkus' house, the three were again stopped by a hooded stranger. However, this one was slightly different than the first.
"You shouldn't be here..."
"Why not?" barked Karli.
"Kawan wants your heads."
"He can come get them from us," retorted Dumon.

Not long after, Scott, Dumon, and Karli were advancing up the steps of Mama Sinkus's house. Kati, smiling brighter than the sun, ran out to meet them.
"You're just in time!"
"For what?" was all Scott could stammer, before being yanked inside by the beyond jubilous sister.
Inside, his heart leapt at what could only be described as a miracle. The three travelers were face-to-face with the remaining Bards, Holden, Paddy, Schaff, Gizmo, and Badger. Scott and Badger embraced like the estranged lovers they were, and immediately Badger went from him to Dumon, and then to Karli.
"What... how?" said Scott, dumbfounded. Badger then recounted the entire tale, with sound effects added in by Paddy and Schaff. The reunion was more joyful than anyone could imagine.

Just then, the two hooded strangers walked in. Removing their hoods, their faces showed wonder and confusion.
"But... Kawan... and--"
"--and you were dead--"
"--but how?"
"Hold on. First of all, who are you?" inquired Gizmo.
"I'm Clarence," said Clarence.
"And I'm Wesel," said Wesel.
"We've been following the three of you, trying to warn you about Kawan..."
"He... You were all in prison," said Wesel.
"I refuse to tell this entire tale AGAIN," said Badger angrily.
"Why don't I just write down everything that happened, just for you two?" asked Gizmo. "Like, everything, from that time we fought the dragon, till now?"
The group thought.
"That way, we can actually tell EVERYONE!" said Paddy.
"everyone...?" echoed Dumon.
"Yeah, that's not a bad idea," said Scott.

"Thus, the Tales of the Bards were born," said the elderly man. "Gizmo made sure everyone knew every detail of ALL the stories, and the Bards lived on, forever after."
"But, Grand-daddy, you didn't say 'happily forever after'," remarked one of his starry-eyed children.
"I know. But, you're not ALWAYS happy, are you?"
"Well, no..."
"They weren't always happy, either. But, they had each other, and when they were together, that was when they were happiest. Now, I believe it's time for all of you to go to sleep. Dreams, my boys and girls, are the stories we make when we cannot live our own."