Those who have heard the mystical tales...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Introduction

In the faraway country of Bamah, a proclamation was declared: any who could defeat the King in battle with song, would be freed to battle elsewhere, apart from his musical army. The challenge was undertaken by few; this is the story of one such group.
One blustery Bamahan day, the Fox, Gizmo, and Holden were searching for a song. This song was no ordinary song; it would lead their merry band into battle against all opposition, and thus, to victory. The Fox was a sly, cunning, and foresighted hero. He knew about people and places no other ever uncovered. Holden was the drummer. He had the speakers stolen out of his car once, but that is probably the most devastating thing to occur to him in recent memory. Gizmo, the hero and author, director, producer, composer, and main actor of our story was an egotist. He was brilliant, but his own lack of common sense negated any dreamer that he could ever manifest. Before, the Bards worked together to select a song worthy of their title and victory. However, on this fine day, all was almost lost. Our hero sat strumming his lyre, pondering over the future of the Bards, and singing a wondrous song, when the Fox joined him on a large stringed instrument. The song became more wondrous, and reached truly majestic proportions when Holden joined in. Beauty flowed from Gizmo's mouth and the instruments the Bards played. They worked it out, and the Bards were officially born.
This band was already a merry group, but the amazing song birthed an adventurous group. The other members, Badger, the quick-witted and grounded but fierce and loyal, joined the music on her reed. Badger was known to be free-spirited; she regularly took on her own adventures (remind me to tell you of her spar with Kawan, the dark one.) Schaff was a meek but powerful leader who also bowed strings. He was not so much wise, but his authority over young clarinets and members of the junior class was astounding. Paddy and Dumon were not part of the musical alliance, but the original group. Paddy was known for his random but insightful (sorta) outbursts, and Dumon blended Paddy's courage (I guess) and Schaff's humility.
The song was warmly received by all, but it lacked victory in battle. To become a true contender, it had yet to face the dark-haired king of the land, a fearsome wonder to behold, Carl. Many a day, the Bards would challenge the mighty King, but he was not at his office--i mean, castle. Finally, Carl returned from battle. The Bards sang, strummed, bowed, blew, and drummed, but the King was not to be defeated. Instead, the King denied them freedom.
Undaunted, the Bards moved forward. Determined to make a name for themselves, they planned and practiced. They would be known, tomorrow.