Those who have heard the mystical tales...

The Bards

Now, you understand that these stories are, in fact, the history of the Bards? Yes? Ok then...

Your hero, the author, and the mind behind the stories of the Bards. Born in Mille, he ran away from home when he was young and he soon met Paddy. It was this moment that saw the birth of the Bards as we know them.

Living with her mother and two sisters, Badger learned to manage on her own; she did so very well. She would often take trips to visit her sisters as they fought at Fort Ni Aps between wars and adventures. She once fought Kawan, the Dark One.

All you need to know is here. And here. And here.

Schaff is the Prince of Bamah. However, he had been missing for several years, as he too had run away. However, both heroes were reunited with their families after immense victory and selfless heroism in battle. His girlfriend, Claire, makes delicious cupcakes.

The drummer.
No, truthfully, Holden receives less credit than he deserves. Drummers hold tempo, holding the entire band in check. Should he fail, the music is complete rubbish. Holden holds (no pun intended) a lot of responsibility, but again, usually goes unnoticed.

Paddy and Dumon
The co-owners of Dumon's flat (named for Dumon's mother, matriarchal names descended in Bamah more often than patriarchal), these two seemed meant for each other. Both crazy, they both make the Bard's adventures interesting; their light-hearted attitudes mixed with their hyper personalities provide for fun.

It was Fox who had the original idea to bring a band together. Despite his pessimistic outlook and critical nature, he knows things ahead of time; he has a knack for finding adventure when not looking for it. He and his girlfriend, Kat, are just alike, but they are just the opposite; she's optimism defined.

The Lady of the River
Gizmo's maiden. She is the most beautiful creature on the Bamah River; in fact, she is the Bamah River. She is immortal and powerful.

The Great Scott

This great magician found Badger and helped her defeat Kawan.